Hey Owners, Knock it Off

Why does it have to be this way? Why is my favorite team acting like a bunch of immature sore losers? Some of the stuff in Bob Hohler’s article had to have come from ownership.

Take a read:

Gordon Edes – ESPN Boston

Curt Schilling – ESPN Boston

Dustin Pedroia – ESPN Boston

Eric Wilbur – Boston Globe

Keith Olberman – Baseball Nerd (a Blog)

Dave Shook – SB Nation (Rob Neyer’s new home)

Nomar Garciaparra – ESPN Boston

The Nomar article is a bit lame seeing as he was a jerk at the end and no ownership spin was needed, but the rest of these articles basically stand to call out the Red Sox ownership. Why do they do this? People will not want to come here, players, coaches even fans, if they think the end of a relationship is always going to end ugly.

It’s like the Seinfeld skit where Elaine breaks up with her boyfriend only to have him call her “big head.” It’s school yard immaturity. No wonder the clubhouse was a romper room, the players were just taking ownership’s cue.