Amid swirling rumors that Red Sox General Manager Theo Epstein is headed to the Chicago Cubs, the Boston Globe today ran the following article on the inner workings of the Red Sox as a whole in 2011. It isn’t pretty.

Under this ownership group, there is a pattern of nasty rumors being floated once a player (or manager) has left town, a verbal kick out the door. And if you believe all you read in today’s Globe piece, well, it seems more of the same with Terry Francona. Just who is leaking this information to the author? And if Theo does leave, will we see him get slammed? Marital problems and pain killer addiction? Sounds like a soap opera.

Regardless of what really happened, Theo’s potential departure really marks the end of an era. Many wins and 2 World Series Championships. It really worries me that while the Red Sox haven’t had much success since 2008, that at least there was a system in place, a discipline as to how to run a team. The last thing we need is some sort of gunslinger who shoots from the hip and signs Jack Clark, Matt Young and Danny Darwin all in one off-season.

If the Red Sox pick the wrong person to be GM, we could see this team slip back to permanent mediocrity, something we haven’t see since the early ’90s. I’m not in the mood for that. So while Theo has made his share of mistakes, I always feel that the decision he makes are done with good reason (the Lackey and Crawford deals notwithstanding) and thought.

Think about it, the Red Sox aren’t the only big-market team. The Cubs and Mets are also big spending teams who have stunk. Just because you have money to spend, doesn’t guarantee success. The Red Sox are at a crossroads here and can’t afford to mess this up.