Keep The Cash

The construction of the 2012 Yankees starts at the top because Brian Cashman’s contract expires in three weeks. The Yankees could have some interesting choices to hire from Andy McPhail to Theo Epstein, but with all due respect to all of them, they are not Brian Cashman.

Sure, I get on Cashman for a number of thing. For years, I hated the fact that he didn’t pay any attention to the bench and then had to scramble to put one together at the trading deadline. But, you can’t argue with results, and the guy has won A LOT. And since he took over all baseball operations at the end of 2005, the Yankees have operated in a very different manner than they used to.

It’s funny, and I am as guilty of this as anyone, but in baseball we cheer the hitters who succeed 30% of the time while holding the GM’s to a much, much higher standard. It is illogical to expect every move a GM makes to work, but we tend to focus on the bad ones and ignore the good ones. Look at all of Cashman’s moves and apart from an odd obsession with Sergio Mitre, I think you will agree that he has done very well.

So, I hope the Yankees bring him back and let him continue his efforts to bring a 28th ring to the Bronx. It won’t be easy, the Yankees face a number of big decisions this winter and teams like Tampa and Toronto are getting better and better.

More on those decisions tomorrow.

And for those of you who want to see what I wrote the last time Cashman’s contract was up for renewal, here it is. Sound familiar?