A Bit Of Humor

I used to listen to Mike and the Dog all the time, but once the dog left I found Francesca’s ego too much to take. So, I have to admit to really enjoying the following clip it perfectly captures Francesca at his bombastic worst. As the link says, this has to be a joke, right?

Anyway, on to Game 5. Corey predicted in the comments yesterday that he thought it would be a high scoring affair and I agree with him. I am a little worried because Nova started to get hit the third time through the Tiger lineup Saturday and I am afraid that that may carry over to tonight. But, I also think the Yankees can get to Fister again so this game will probably be decided by the bullpens. That’s where I think the Yankees have the advantage and i expect them to head to the ALCS. They better- I am going to the game and a loss would be very depressing to witness in person.

More tomorrow and some tweets from the stadium via @nysportsfanatic.