Advantage Detroit

Things did not go well today. Max Scherzer handcuffed the Yankees and Freddy Garcia sandwiched a bad start and bad ending around a very good middle. Detroit now holds several big advantages.

First, they have homefield advantage now with two home games coming up.

Next, they have Verlander going tomorrow.

Finally, the Yankees face the possibility of a Game 4 must-win start being made by AJ Burnett.

If I am Joe Girardi, I put Brett Gardner at the top of the lineup tomorrow. He’s one of the most patient Yankees at the plate, the best guy at “creating” a run on the basepaths and he is 3-for-8 with 3 walks in his career against Verlander.

And while I don’t bat him 8th, I take a long, long look at A-Rod and his place in the lineup. He looks pretty bad at the plate and it is worth noting that he 13-for-76 since coming back from surgery. Perhaps he simply isn’t right, but this isn’t the time to let him play his way out of it. If he is hurt, sit him.

The solace the Yankees can take in today’s game is that they made the prime part of the Detroit bullpen work while keeping theirs well rested. That may prove to be a big advantage in the next two days.