2 years in a row.

The Red Sox, despite pockets as deep as Wilt Chamberlain (he wore pants with massive pockets, trust me), are again also-rans.

It looked so good, the Red Sox up 3-2, the Rays down 7-0. Well, the Red Sox closer gave up 2 in the 9th and the Rays somehow, stunningly, stormed back to win 8-7. No doubt about it, the better team won. The Red Sox are good, but have turned into a sloppy, overpriced, hack of a team.

There will be significant fallout as a result of this collapse. Job security for Theo Epstein and Terry Francona is an issue. I think Papelbon wrote his ticket out of town (and perhaps his mega payday he has always wanted). Wow, so many issues up in the air. Let’s take some time to watch other teams compete in the postseason while we digest this flop.

As a fan, it is so very disappointing to see the team you route for essentially piss away what could have been a rewarding season. I hope ownership takes a good long look and employs their various tools to figure out what went wrong and to never let it happen again.

My quick take is that Theo Epstein hasn’t learned the Dan Duquette lesson that “not all baseball players can play in Boston.” Evidence of this can be seen with Carl Crawford, John Lackey, JD Drew, Edgar Renteria, Bobby Jenks, Daisuke Mastuzaka. Perhaps not all GM’s can play in this town.

More later.

Congratulations to the Rays, they deserved this playoff spot.