And Now The Playoffs

I think I just watched about the greatest span of baseball I have ever seen and I am a little bit disappointed that I won’t see more tomorrow. From Tampa to Baltimore to Atlanta to Houston, we had an amazing night. I’m not sure you could have scripted it better as a baseball fan.

Now we have the playoffs ahead of us. The Yankees are going to play the Tigers which means Justin Verlander and his incredible stuff in two games of the ALDS. And, Doug Fister has made 10 starts since being traded to Detroit and has a 1.79 ERA in them. Detroit will be a very tough opponent, perhaps a tougher one than what the Yankees may face in the ALCS.

After the game, Joe Girardi announced that Freddy Garcia is going to start Game 3 and AJ Burnett is headed to the bullpen. We know Hughes is already in the pen, so this must mean Bartolo Colon’s season is done barring injury. I say that because the only reason to put AJ in the bullpen for the ALDS is if you are considering him for an ALCS start. Otherwise, why waste the roster spot?

Think about it, with Hughes on the roster, you have long relief locked up. Add in guys like Wade and Ayala, who I assume make it, and you should be able to handle almost anything. What situation arises that you need AJ for? (I shudder to think)

I don’t get it, but we will delve into all of it later today.