A Brief Reset

10:55pm- Here’s what we know.

The Rays are gritty, gutty and whatever other overused adjective you want to apply. From 7-0 to 7-6 to the final strike and now a tie game. I imagine Scott Proctor, the Yankees ELEVENTH pitcher of the night will finish things up. Sorry about that Boston.

Red Sox game is scheduled to resume at 11pm with Boston ahead 3-2 in the 7th.

Texas won, so Detroit is coming to New York Friday (gulp) with the Tampa/Boston winner playing Texas.

The Cardinals won so the Braves must win. They are tied in the 12th inning right now.

Looks like Milwaukee will earn the #2 seed in the NL.

If you like baseball, get to a TV or computer, this is amazing!

And BL and I are chatting away in the comments, feel free to join.