Backing Their Way In

The Red Sox terrible play in September reminds many, me included, of the 2000 Yankees. The Yanks went 13-18 in Sept/Oct and actually went 3-15 in their last 18 games. Their lead shrunk to 2.5 games, but they got into the playoffs. Oh yeah, they went on to win the World Series. This fact has been a hot topic around here the past few days.

I’m not suggesting the Red Sox will follow that blueprint, but for Red Sox fans, it’s all we have left as we witness one of the worst stretch runs in history.

The Red Sox are 5-16 in September and are losing to good teams and bad teams, they are equal opportunity losers in September. The pitching staff has posted a 5.98 ERA with enough blame for both starters and relievers.

The wheels aren’t coming off, they came off a while ago.

Fortunately, the Yankees just swept the Tampa Rays allowing the Red Sox to continue to play poorly, but the Red Sox need to now focus on playing badly so the Anaheim Angels can take the Wild Card spot. Come on Red Sox, an epic collapse like this requires that not only your opponents win, but that you lose! It’s a tango baby.

Every member of the baseball side of things in the Red Sox organization can shoulder some responsibility, I cannot put a finger on just why this is happening or how to stop it. Injuries are an easy scapegoat, but no team is healthy this time of year and blowing leads and pitching poorly for such an extended period of time isn’t just a function of injuries.

The greatest worry I have is that this team hasn’t a pulse. I’m not sure of the exact stat, but the Red Sox are 2-58 (ballpark estimate based on what I’ve heard of late) when bdhind from the 7th inning on. Granted most teams are going to lose when behind from the 7th on, but only 2 come from behind wins? Wow.

I can only hope the Red Sox get into the playoffs ass-backward. And once there, start playing baseball again. Things that go down, must go back up, right?

Off to NYC with my family on Saturday to spend time with Peter and his family.