As we all expected, AJ Burnett blew up on the mound yesterday. Staked to a 5-0 lead, he gave up a run in the 4th and then escaped a bases loaded jam. In the 5th he gave up a single, home run and a double before being lifted from the game. He pitched four-plus innings allowing nine hits, 1 walk and striking out 8. You can’t fault Girardi for lifting him, but here are two AJ quotes from after the game.

“Joe does what he can to get this team a win, and we won. Heaven forbid I give up a couple hits. But you do whatever you can to get your team a ‘W,’ I guess.”

“I didn’t get through the fifth because I wasn’t allowed to get through the fifth. So it wasn’t that I couldn’t get through the fifth.”

If CC Sabathia made these quotes, it would be a minor problem (and completely out of character I should add) the fact that a pitcher with a 5.28 ERA made them should show the Yankees everything they need to know about AJ. Jon Heyman tweeted yesterday “If the yankees don’t know by now that burnett should NOT get a postseason start, I can’t help them” and he is absolutely right. This guy can’t be trusted with the ball in a big spot. His quotes show that he is beyond salvation. Assuming the Yankees have clinched a playoff spot by this weekend, give him the ball against the Red Sox and make that his final Yankee start. If not, give the ball to Betances or someone else. This offseason, send AJ away to the NL by paying most of his contract. As AJ said, “you do whatever you can to get your team a ‘W'” and that means getting rid of AJ.