The Record

Mariano Rivera can now lay claim statistically to a title he earned many years ago, the greatest closer of all time. He has saved games for sixteen seasons, fifteen as the officially closer and he has appeared in 31 playoff series. His plaque in Cooperstown is just a formality at this point.

Two things struck me as he set the record today. The first was when his teammates forced him to go back to the mound to receive the applause of the crowd. You could tell that Rivera just wanted to get inside and out of the spotlight. For a guy who is so comfortable when the pressure is on, it was a remarkable display of discomfort and a reminder of what a humble guy Rivera truly is.

The second thing was his interview with Kim Jones. Despite her best efforts, he wouldn’t say that he thinks he is the greatest closer and he even said he doesn’t consider himself to be. Well Mariano, you are, even if you won’t say it.

Congrats Mariano, here’s to many, many more saves.