Taking A Knee?

Just have to wonder, did the Yankees take a “strategic” loss tonight? Let’s just put it this way, Hector Noesi pitching the 7th of a game that is 1-0 is an “interesting” choice. And then George Kontos when Noesi got into trouble? Hmmm, seems like a rested bullpen might have been the goal more than a win….

Beyond that, was that Jorge Posada catching tonight? I understand that Cervelli was concussed and Martin had his thumb split open, but where was this move all year? I am sure Girardi will say it was an emergency move only, but the Yankees could have chosen to move Montero to catcher and lose the DH without much pain since the rosters have expanded. Do we view this as the Yankees doing everything they can to avoid Montero catching in a game or the Yankees deciding that a guy who hasn’t caught all year is preferable behind the dish over Montero? No good answers either way there.

The good news is the Yankees’ four-game slide has coincided with a similar one by Boston. So, they remain 2-1/2 up with 18 to play. But, a win would certainly be welcome tomorrow (later today)!