Would You Press “Rewind”?

Interesting article in the Daily News today about the Yankees failed trade for Cliff Lee in July of 2010. It talks about how Seattle would probably want to take that trade in hindsight because Montero, Nova and Nunez have continued to develop while Justin Smoak, the centerpiece of the deal, hasn’t. My question is, would the Yankees do the trade over again?

It’s a very tough argument to make either way. Put Cliff Lee on the Yankees in 2010 instead of the Rangers as they probably win the AL East and I would think they win the ALCS. But, Lee blew up in the World Series, getting shelled in Game 1 before rebounding with a better start in Game 5. Then again, Lee probably doesn’t start Game 1, CC does. Over all, I still think the Yankees probably lose that World Series.

But, maybe three months in New York might convince Lee to take their money in the offseason and he is currently a Yankee right now.

But, would he be that much better than Garcia or Colon have been in 2011?

And, who fills in for Jeter and A-Rod since Nunez is in Seattle?

And, what about the loss of Ivan Nova to Seattle?

My guess is, all things considered, the Yankees are very glad Seattle passed on that trade. I didn’t think so at the time, but I do now.

And hey, it’s raining two hours before game time!