The Missing Game

Some may ask, why the long rain delay tonight in the Yankees-Orioles game? After all, those of us in the NYC area have been enjoying a monsoon for most of the day and the forecast is pretty lousy for the rest of the night. With the Yankees and Orioles facing off again tomorrow at 1pm (or scheduled to) a day-night doubleheader certainly seems doable.

Let’s digress a moment. Count up the Yankees remaining games. 3 (including tonight) against Baltimore. 3 against Seattle, 3 against Anaheim, 3 against Toronto. 1 against Minnesota, 6 against Tampa and 3 against Boston. Add it all up and you get (3+3+3+3+1+6+3) 22. But, the Yankees have currently played 139 games (86-33) so they have 23 games to play. Where’s the missing game? It’s the 8/14 rainout against Tampa. I would assume it will be added to the schedule as a day-night doubleheader on September 21st, but nothing official has been announced.

That means the Yankees face three makeup games in the last three weeks of the season before you even get to tonight’s game. They have the game in Baltimore Thursday. A scheduled game against Tampa 9/22 (actually a makeup of a rainout from 7/8.) And the mystery game. Tonight’s game would make it four and I suspect that’s the reason why we are three hours past the starting time and haven’t heard about the game being called. Not exactly fan-friendly, but sadly the reality of baseball in the 21st century.