Pop The Champagne!

As I watched the Yankees charge onto the field after their victory, hoisting AJ Burnett, a clear hero on their shoulders, I felt a tremendous sense of peace. The season was won and AJ had proved to be the pitcher Brian Cashman thought he was. Ok, none of that happened, but the coverage of this particular game made it seem like it had.

Hey, it was a big win, but it hardly settles much. The Yankees finally won a series against Boston, but they are still trailing them. AJ Burnett didn’t implode, but I can’t be that impressed with 5-1/3 innings of two-run ball.

What does make me happy is that Joe Girardi managed like he wanted this series, which makes me hopeful for the future. I don’t get hung up on the potential playoff opponents, but I do think winning the AL East and having home field would be important. Girardi managed like he felt that as well last night and I hope he does so again.