The Arrival

I think the best parallel to the excitement over Jesus Montero’s debut tonight is 2007 when Joba got his first call to the majors. Talk to any Yankees’ fan, even one like me expecting them to be blown out tonight, and you will hear the excitement in their voice. This kid has a bat that is supposedly special and it will be fun to see it in real action even if AJ Burnett gives up seventeen runs in the first inning (entirely possible in my mind).

What we won’t probably learn about is his catching skills. The Yankees are sticking to the party line of “it’s tough to a pitching staff to break someone in during a pennant race”. This sounds like an organizational excuse that can be translated to “we don’t want big league scouts to see that he can’t catch at this level and damage his trade value.” I may be wrong, but that is my guess.

I was very happy to see Scott Proctor’s name on the list of additions to the active roster. The Yankees certainly owe Proctor for destroying his arm and it is nice to see them give him a chance to reestablish himself in the bigs. I hope he does.

No surprises with Laird, Dickerson and Pendleton being added to to the Roster. Raul Valdes gets promoted because he can throw with his left hand. It’s just me, but I would have take a flier on Banuelos in the relief role since a 40-man move was needed for Valdes, but oh well.

Yankees would really show me something with a win tonight. I don’t see it happening, but miracles can occur. Then again, I wonder which team will score more tonight, the Patriots or the Red Sox?