Who Ya Gonna Call (Up)?

Forgive the Ray Parker, Jr., tribute, but I just read that “Ghostbusters 3” is going to be made. This fact depresses me, so I will move on and talk about the potential Yankee call ups when rosters expand tomorrow.

Joel Sherman has reported that Jesus Montero is on his way up tomorrow. Obviously, one of the first things you want when rosters expand is a third catcher and the Yankees don’t have one on the 40-man. Montero has to be protected anyway this offseason, so why not add him to the 40-man and see what he can do? If you are a Yankee fan, this is exciting news.

I would expect Brandon Laird to definitely be a callup as well. We’ve seen him already this year and with Scranton out of the playoff race and A-Rod hurting, another guy who can play third makes a lot of sense.

I would imagine we will see both Chris Dickerson and Greg Golson by the end of the AAA season, but probably only one of them tomorrow. Flip a coin.

If Ramiro Pena is ready (he is rehabbing in Trenton) he would clearly get the call.

I would bet on two pitchers minimum being added tomorrow (more if the Yankees empty the bullpen tonight) and my guesses would be Pendleton and Whelan. Hector Noesi can’t return until September 6th, but he will certainly get a call. I would expect Andrew Brackman to get a callup when the AAA season ends and the same thing to happen with Dellin Betances since he is on the 40-man, but I don’t think we will see Betances do much in the majors. The other “killer B” Manny Banuelos is probably going to stay off the ML roster because he doesn’t need to be protected this offseason from the Rule 5 draft and he is still adjusting to AAA. If the Yankees are smart, they will squeeze Adam Warren and David Phelps onto the roster. I believe both need to be protected this offseason (another reason Banuelos will not be added now) and they might as well get some experience down the stretch.

It should be an interesting September.