Old School

Lackey plunking Cervelli last night was fine by me. But, I also recognize that it is applying 20th-century justice to a 21st century game. There used to be an unwritten rule in baseball that you didn’t show up the pitcher. Both sides knew this and both sides acted in a certain way. But, those days are long gone. What Cervelli did last night is nothing different from what he always does; he claps when he gets to a base after a hit just like Swisher points to the sky. I understand why Lackey didn’t appreciate it, but using his logic, David Ortiz should be drilled every time he poses like a statue after launching one into the seats. I also think Lackey did the Yankees a favor, he hit a very popular member of the team and he fired up the Yankees.

As for the game itself, a few observations.

CC Sabathia gutted that one out, didn’t he. Use whatever tortured sports cliche you want, I prefer bend but didn’t break, but they are apt descriptions of that performance. I wasn’t surprised that Girardi went to him in the 6th with that pitch count, but I hope Joe doesn’t abandon the six-man rotation after the Boston series now. CC threw 125 pitches, an extra day off would not be a bad thing at all.

I really like the job Boone Logan did last night after giving up the base hit to Crawford. Those were two big outs he got and he was throwing heat to get them. Since May he has been a much better pitcher.

The Yankees really had to win that game. They face Burkett and Lester in the next two and we all know who they are starting tomorrow. I’m not saying the next two are automatic losses, but if they had lost Tuesday, getting swept out of Boston would have been a definite possibility.

I can’t figure Jorge Posada out. Each time he looks like he is heating up at the plate he cools off almost as quickly.

Game 2 tonight, which Phil Hughes will we see?