How About A Win?

In this weekend of hurricane-disrupted baseball, it may have escaped your notice that the Yankees are now 2-1/2 games behind Boston. The Red Sox won a doubleheader yesterday to pickup a game on New York and the Yankees lost a 1/2 game with today’s defeat in Baltimore. And, Tampa has crept to within six games of the wild card.

It’s kind of funny. The Yankees had a “bad: win on Thursday and they had a “good” loss today. I characterize those two games that way because of the pitching performances in them. Think about it. Thursday’s win over the A’s obscured the fact that Phil Hughes was terrible. Today’s loss does the same with a very good start from Bartolo Colon. The amazing thing is that 32 games before the playoffs start, we have absolutely no idea who the #2, #3 or #4 starters would be. We can assume AJ Burnett won’t be one of them, but other than that it is impossible to guess.

Speaking of AJ, any predictions for his upcoming start in Boston? Mitchell stated the other day that he wouldn’t watch AJ pitch live anymore and I think that is an excellent suggestion for his upcoming effort in Boston. At this point it really wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t make it out of the first inning.

Game 2 on tap, back tomorrow.