What Are They Thinking?

Give the Mets credit, they can read a weather forecast and they are smart enough to react to it. They have canceled their games tomorrow and Sunday. Contrast that with the Orioles who not only expect to play a doubleheader tomorrow (good luck) but would not agree to the Yankees’ request to move the doubleheader to today. Now, it seems pretty likely that the Yankees and Orioles will have two games rained out tomorrow and another one probably rained out Sunday.

My question is, where is MLB in all of this? No matter how much rain Baltimore does or doesn’t get tomorrow, it is pretty clear it will be a nasty, nasty day there. Having fans trying to drive to a potential ballgame doesn’t seem like a very good idea and I hope somebody has the good sense to announce that the games are canceled tonight, before the weather hits.

And since I am cracking on MLB and the Orioles, let me add the Jets, Giants and NFL to the list. They moved tomorrow’s EXHIBITION game to 2pm to try and avoid the weather, but now that New York City is shutting down all public transportation at noon, they should just cancel it. The rain is supposed to start tomorrow around noon and just get worse. Whatever fans show up at the game will have wet roads and lousy conditions to contend with when it ends around 5pm. Why risk anyone getting hurt for a game that doesn’t even count?

Well, good luck to everyone out there in the path of this storm. Stay safe and stay dry.

Back tomorrow with some baseball thoughts.

UPDATE 9:45pm Sanity has prevailed as the doubleheader is canceled and the Giants-Jets tilt has been moved to Monday. Still wondering, what took them so long?