Say What?

Rumors abound today that Theo Epstein might considering taking the Cubs GM position. What? No! That’s crazy talk.

First off, both Buster Olney (subscription required) and Peter Gammons said Epstein might be tempted by the opportunity to bring a championship to Chicago.

My take, while the Cubs would probably hand Epstein any job he wants in their organization, just what would it mean if he left Boston? As it stands now, he never has to buy a beer in this town again. If he left, no more free beer. That should be enough for anyone to stay, but on a deeper level, it would be like a divorce of sorts.

Epstein hasn’t been perfect, that is true, but he has a plan in place and is very disciplined in sticking to that plan. I find that most GMs, just wing-it and the results are spotty at best. It also can’t be argued that having one of the largest payrolls and MLB draft budgets in baseball is a blessing, but money doesn’t guarantee success, just look at the Cubs.

Sure Epstein could leave for another challenge, but being able to work in the town you grew-up in, run the team you’ve loved all your life and keeping some continuity at home all the while having almost any tool at your disposal would be nice and the fan base would always ensure it remains a challenge. I just can’t see him leaving. My guess is Brian Cashman gets the nod. He isn’t thrilled with NY and they (ownership) aren’t thrilled with him.