You may not believe me, but this post was going to have that title no matter what happened in the Yankees-Sox game tonight. Sure, Boston won and did it by coming back against Mo, but to me that was the smaller story. To me, the bigger story was the fact that the Yankees showed us the end of Jorge Posada’s career in pinstripes.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not bashing them for what they did. 300+ AB’s is more than enough time to show what you can do and Posada’s .230 average and .681 OPS simply doesn’t cut it. Three months ago, I raged against Posada being demoted to 9th in the lineup against Boston. Tonight, I cannot repeat that stance. In fact, I think the Yankees made a very smart decision starting his eventual ouster now.

The fact is, A-Rod is on his way back and will probably be ready to suit up as a Yankee again next week in Kansas City. Alex’s return is a good thing, but if his return pushed Posada to the bench it would be an unnecessary distraction for the club and a weight on Alex’s mind. But, that was the most likely outcome if the Yankees maintained the status quo this week because Eric Chavez is producing and Posada is not. When A-Rod returns, it is Chavez who should keep getting AB’s and not Posada.

But, as much as I wanted to see Posada moved out of the lineup, I cannot begin to celebrate the realization of that desire. Age gets all of us in someway and this is the way it will get Jorge. Posada may linger on the bench until September, but barring injury, that will be the extent of it. The Yankees will keep him on the roster until the season ends out of deference to the past. It is now almost a certainty that he will not be playing for them in October and any baseball he plays in 2012 will occur in a different uniform. If the Yankees feel secure in their standing with the fans we may even see him released and Montero promoted.

These are moves that my head agrees with and understands the need for. But my heart aches. I don’t want to let Jorge go, even though I know it is time. Win or lose, tonight was all about that for me.