Longtime Yankees’ fans will recognize the title of this post as a tribute to Phil Rizzuto. It was the scorecard entry used by Rizzuto when he missed something that happened in a game and it stands for “wasn’t watching”. You can put a big “WW” next to my entire scorecard last night. Due to a family commitment, I saw almost none of the game live, but watched the MLB Condensed Game this morning. I’m sorry I missed the real thing because it looked like it was a very good and very tense baseball game.

I give Girardi tremendous credit for going to Boone Logan in the fifth. That was a gutsy call and he would have been killed if it hadn’t worked. I say killed because Logan has been anything but a lefty specialist this year. Lefties are hitting him at a clip of .250/.313/.458 while he has dominated righties .222/.300..244. He has given up 9 extra-base hits and 8 of them have been hit by lefties. But, the batter at the time, Adrian Gonzalez shrinks from Ruthian-like numbers vs righties (.377/.436/.652) to a more mortal .301/.366/.377 vs lefties. It was the right call considering the circumstances and it worked.

Today’s game would appear to be a mismatch on paper. CC Sabathia has been rolling, he has a 1.01 ERA over his last eight starts while Lackey, to be charitable, has been bad. But, Boston has smacked CC around this year (3 starts and a 6.16 ERA) so this will be a very interesting test of CC’s streak. The Yankees will face a pretty hot pitcher in Josh Beckett tomorrow night, so they would be wise to take advantage of their opportunity this afternoon.

Back after the game.