This Should Be Fun

This weekend we have a Yankees-Sox series with the two teams tied for first. It doesn’t get much better than this in the regular season. It was just about two months ago that Boston came into New York and swept the Yankees out of first place. Since that series, the Yankees have had the best record in the AL and Boston has had the second best.

In some ways, this series is very similar to an August 2009 series between the Yankees and Red Sox. New York entered that series in first, but they were 0-8 versus Boston. This year’s club doesn’t have the lead the 2009 edition did coming into this series, but they are 1-8 versus Boston. The criticism that they can’t beat Boston has to be ringing in their ears.

We all know what the 2009 club did. Can this club do the same? Assuming Colon and Garcia remain what they have been all year, I like their chances. Both of these teams should easily make the playoffs. Neither one will admit that the AL East crown matters, but it does. Three big games coming up. I can’t wait.

UPDATE I find this video hysterical.