Read any column judging the winners and losers from the trade deadline and the Yankees will be listed as losers. The popular sentiment is that by failing to do anything at the deadline the Yankees made a huge mistake. I will agree with that opinion if the Yankees fail to use the prospects they kept. But, if they bring some of them up to the majors, the deadline will be anything but a bust.

Start with Jesus Montero. He put up a line of ..271/.346/.514 in July and could be the perfect answer to the Yankees problems at DH or catcher. Russell Martin put up a line of .213/308/.263 in July which sadly was an improvement over his .185/.274/.241 June. Jorge Posada put up a line of .217/.284/.250 in July. Francisco Cervelli has a line of .235/.305/.306 in 2011. The Yankees are almost certainly going to add Montero when the rosters expand, but why wait? Promoting him now makes sense for the current club and the future- it will settle allows Austin Romine to catch at the AAA level.

Next look at Manny Banuelos, on his way to AAA. He is walking too many batters, but his overall numbers are still good. And, he has a 1.24 ERA and 32 K’s against lefties. The Yankees have been very, very careful with his innings this year since he only threw 64 last year and his career high is only 109. He has thrown 95 so far this season in 20 starts and you I would expect him to finish the season out of the bullpen to keep his innings down further. If the Yankees want a second lefty in the pen, this is the guy.

And don’t forget about guys like Phelps, Warren and Whelan. The Yankees have made the decision to seek help from within. Thankfully, they have a deep pool of talent to choose from.