First it was Rich Harden, now it is Erik Bedard. Assuming he doesn’t fail his medical.

Bedard, he of the complete disdain for post-game, pre-game and any-time interview, has been a good major leaguer in his career. Unfortunately (sales/servivce people shouldn’t use the word “unfortunately” so you know I’m not trying to sell you anything here), Bedard is injury prone. He became a full time starter in 2004 and is 55-48 in his career with a 3.69 ERA.

Good, but certainly not great. He spent parts of 5 seasons in the AL East which is a good thing as he won’t, or shouldn’t, be startled by the playing at Fenway or Yankee Stadium. Or, um, maybe he will be startled.

Bedard at:

Fenway: 2-3, 6.99 ERA, 28.1 IP, 30 H, 22 BB (Good God!), 26 K.
Yankees Stadium (Old, dusted one): 1-3, 4.64 ERA, 42.2 IP, 42 H, 12 BB, 38 K.

Well, his strikeout’s are always high and despite limited to circumstantial success at either Fenway or Yankee Stadium, he will help the Red Sox as a 4-5 starter.

My worries with Bedard are A.) he will get hurt and B.) he really plays baseball because he can, not because he likes to.

Over the years, I have read many articles, posts and opinions that Bedard is a grumpy jerk in front of the microphone and, like John Lackey, always has a hint of disdain in his voice. I don’t like that. I don’t want people like that on the team I root for. In fact, I want you to answer the questions you are asked, as long as they are about baseball. If you are too good for the media’s baseball related questions, then you are, in essence, too good for your (or your team’s) fans.

So Erik Berard, here is my challenge, pitch well, answers baseball questions and give me, us, the feeling that you like baseball and we/I have no problem. Of course, if you pitch well and are a disaster with the interview, well I guess I’m ok with that too, but I have a feeling, in your case, performance and persona go hand in hand. Prove me wrong, won’t you?