Put Your GM Hat On

Ok, let’s say you are Brian Cashman, what move(s) do you make at this trade deadline? Here’s my answer.

1- I try and find a primo starter available. One last call to the Mariners just to make sure Felix isn’t going anywhere. A call to Oakland to check on Gio Gonzalez. Assuming the answer is no, I then look for the second tier pitchers. Ubaldo Jimenez scares me for a number of reasons, so I probably stay away. Matt Garza would be an interesting pickup since he has pitched well in the AL. And finally, would the Dodgers be interested in moving Kuroda? (Or better, Billingsley?) Assuming the discussions are not fruitful or the prices are too high, I sit still. Ivan Nova is sitting in AAA with Phelps and Warren, why not give one of them a shot if you need rotation help?

2- I stay away from bullpen help. Robertson and Rivera are doing fine and Soriano will be back shortly. Trading for a second lefty doesn’t make a lot of sense to me when Banuelos could probably fill that role and profit from the experience in the majors. All the arms I mentioned before could also help in the pen.

3- Now getting another bat would be a very good idea. Unlike previous seasons, the Yankees have a pretty solid bench. Andruw Jones is hitting lefties and Chavez can cover righties. Nunez is a good pinchrunner and can cover the infield. The thing the Yankees are lacking should be the easiest spot to fill- DH. Jorge Posada had a great June, but he cooled off again in July (.468OPS in the last 28 days) and his overall season has been a disaster. At the very least, he should be benched against LHP (6-for-51 no HR’s) but his numbers against righties The Yankees could move Jones to DH when they face a lefty, but another bat wouldn’t hurt and a guy who could play a couple of positions like Ty Wiggington (.318/.423/.519 vs LHP, played 1B/3B/OF and 2B in past two years) would be a great addition.

4- Turn some pitching prospects into positional prospects. The Phillies are apparently trying to find a 3rd team to give them some pitching prospects to land Hunter Pence. No matter what happens in the next few years, the Yankees won’t have room for all their potential pitching prospects. Giving some of them to Philly or another team in return for position prospects makes a lot of sense.

So, what would you do? You have just about 50 hours to decide. (And please check back Sunday as I will be live blogging the deadline from 2:30 onward.)