To Boo Or Not To Boo?

That’s my question. You see, I just heard that Hideki Irabu has been found dead and police suspect he committed suicide. And I am wondering, are all of us who booed him in someways responsible?

I booed Irabu. I usually don’t boo Yankee players, but Irabu got under my skin. It wasn’t the lousy pitching, though that didn’t help, it was that he just gave the impression of not caring. (Sidenote- I always find it funny how guys like Michael Kay become indignant when Mariano Rivera gets booed for blowing games, but guys like Whitson and Irabu are left to fend for themselves. Granted, there is a huge difference, but if your stance is you shoudn’t boo Yankees, every Yankee should get that protection.) But here’s the thing, how on Earth did I know if Irabu cared or not? I never talked to the guy, yet I made that judgment from the “cheap seats” and let him have it. That’s not something I am proud of today.

For me Irabu’s story is a sharp reminder that underneath it all these guys are just humans. Sure, they can do things with a baseball that I can only dream of but they also have feelings. It has to bother them when the home crowd is booing. I hope I remember that the next time I go to open my big mouth.

RIP Hideki.