Too Much Pitching?

No, that won’t be the Yankees’ problem when Phil Hughes and Bartolo Colon come back, but they will have some tough decisions to make. For instance, what are they going to do with Ivan Nova? Throw out his first three starts and he has a 3.60 ERA. Putting him in the bullpen as the long guy is probably the route they will take, but it will be a tough blow to a guy just establishing himself as a major league pitcher. If they do go that route, I hope they think outside the box and try him in the later innings, instead of automatically making him the long guy. Considering his reliance on two pitches (89.6% of his pitches this year have been either a fastball or a curve) you could make the argument his stuff would play better in the pen.

Furthermore, if they move Nova and Gordon out of the rotation who gets sent down to AAA? Buddy Carlyle is the obvious candidate, but who will be the second one? If I am right about Nova becoming a short reliever, then it probably makes sense to send Noesi down to get some innings under his belt. That would leave a pen of- Rivera, Robertson, Nova, Ayala, Logan, Wright and Gordon.

Finally, what will the timing of the moves be? There is some talk of starting Colon against the Mets this weekend. To me that is just stupid as the pitcher will have to hit and the less running Colon does the better. Plus, Gordon was a hitter before he became a pitcher, so why not give him the ball one last time?

Assuming the Yankees come to their senses and realize Colon should be nowhere near a bat they would then have the final seven games before the break to get Colon and Hughes back into the rotation. If Jeter comes back that week as well, it could make for an interesting stretch of games.