There’s a great scene in the movie “Stripes” that captures my mood perfectly this morning. Bill Murray quits his job as a cabbie by stopping on a bridge and throwing his keys in the river. He returns home to find his car repossessed and then his girlfriend dumps him. After she leaves, he utters the words, “And then, depression sets in.” Hard to feel anything but depressed after last night’s game. The 7th inning was a horror show and the Yankees let the Red Sox beat them up.

The thing is, the Yankees can forget about Boston for two months now. They won’t face them again until August 5th. It’s somewhat eerie, but the Yankees are currently almost exactly in the same place as they were in 2009. On June 11th, 2009, the Red Sox completed a sweep of the Yankees to improve to 8-0 against them on the seasonand take a two-game lead over New York. That Yankees team had a record nearly identical to this one (34-26/33-27). That Yankee team went 69-33 the rest of the way. That team had a big bullpen problem that they didn’t solve until late June with Phil Hughes moving to the pen. What will this team do over the next 100 or so games? That is the $200-million question.