Payback Is Coming

I don’t think Jon Lester was trying to hit Mark Teixeira, but that doesn’t matter much. It doesn’t matter because he sent him to the hospital and thankfully x-rays were negative. Since the Yankee manager these days is Joe Girardi and not Joe Torre I would expect AJ Burnett to drill Gonzalez at some point tomorrow night. Girardi wasn’t going to ask Hector Noesi to do it, but you know he won’t feel the same way about AJ.

As for the game, not much to say except the Yankees didn’t take advantage of the opportunities they had. They made Lester work, but couldn’t get the big hit. Jeter took a hack at ball four against Papelbon in the 9th. On a positive note, Jorge Posada had a great night and got some hits as a righty. I would expect Jorge to be in there tomorrow at first because I don’t believe Teixeira is going to play the next few nights.

Kudos also to Hector Noesi for giving the Yankees a chance to win. The pitch to Ortiz was really his only bad pitch and those six innings were huge. The Yankees have doubleheaders in July and August and I hope they strongly consider letting Noesi take the ball when they need the extra starter.

One last note. I find it odd that the Yankees took Dante Bichette, Jr. with their first pick. Weird because he wasn’t projected to go that high and because Joe Girardi is such good friends with his Dad. (Apparently, Dante Jr. calls Girardi “Uncle Joe” and Girardi’s son is named Dante.) It opens a can of worms that I think the Yankees would have been better off leaving alone. It doesn’t mean it is not going to work, after all Chris Snee is Tom Coughlin’s son-in-law and he has certainly flourished, but it does make things tougher. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens down the road. (Please note, I am not accusing Girardi of having any influence with this pick. I think the scouts and Cashman run the show.)