Here We Go Again

Yankees-Red Sox, part 3 begins tonight and the sentiment around town seems to be that the Yankees need to send a message this series. They need to prove to the Red Sox that they can go toe-to-toe with them and they need to win a series from them. Hogwash I say.

Now don’t get me wrong, it would be very nice to win the series, but I can’t get too wrapped up about three games in June. Yes, the Yankees would drop out of first if they lost the series, but with over 100 games to play, even the worst case scenario, a sweep, would not be a mortal blow.

People seem to have short memories. In 2009 the Yankees lost the first eight games they played against the Red Sox. They then went on to win the final ten and hosted a parade up Broadway. Whatever happens in this series these two teams will still be very, very good.

What I hope to see from the Yankees is for Posada and Swisher to continue their recent offensive upticks (.300/.364/.500 and .250/.438./.833 over the last seven days respectively) and the starting pitching to continue to be effective. And I would like to see Derek Jeter get 14 hits over the next 10 games.

Back after tonight’s game.