As The Roster Turns

I joked about that phrase the other day, but it seems more and more appropriate. Today’s move is Chris Dickerson promoted and Rafael Soriano sent to the DL. That means we are down to 12 pitchers! And Dickerson is headed to rightfield tonight to play in place of Nick Swisher. Since Dickerson is a lefty bat and Tampa is starting a righty, this is a good way to get Swisher a night off. (And, with a .214 average, he could probably use one)

Also in the lineup tonight…Jorge Posada! And, he is hitting SEVENTH! I wonder how long this will last? I imagine the Yankees will be patient until Memorial Day or so, but if they keep struggling how long can they afford to ignore Jesus Montero and his monster bat in AAA?

One last AAA note. David Phelps gave up 8 earned runs in his first 10 innings this season. Since then, he has pitched 32-1/3 innings while allowing seven earned runs and striking out 33. He is scheduled to start tonight and considering the fact that he is already on the 40-man, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in New York soon.

Tonight would be a nice time for a win, I think I’ve forgotten what those look like!