Come On Now

The press in New York is really trying to whip this Posada thing into a crisis, but unfortunately for them the key ingredient, George Steinbrenner is no longer.

Now if “Original George” was still in charge, you can bet we would have some whopper headlines to digest over the next few days. He would have taken shots at Posada, questioned Jeter’s leadership and probably used the words “courage” and “tradition” over 1,000 times. But George isn’t here and hopefully the writers realize that attempts to turn this into something it isn’t won’t work.

Posada was mad, Girardi was mad, Cashman was mad, but Jorge did the right thing and apologized and it sounds as if he had a heart-to-heart with Girardi. What will matter from this point forward is if he hits or not. And while I hope they don’t, I am sure some writer will try to stir up trouble over tonight’s lineup and the fact Posada isn’t in it. But, there is a very reasonable explanation for that. First, Posada hasn’t hit lefties all year and the Rays are starting a lefty tonight. Second, you know the Yankees don’t want A-Rod to play three-straight games on turf, so this is a perfect night to move him to DH and give Nunez a game in the lineup.

On to other matters.

First, I think the Rays starting their weekday home games at 6:40 before school gets out is a stroke of genius. Weeknight baseball games are tough for working people who don’t live near the ballpark and this start time should at least allow them to watch the whole game and get on the road before 10pm. Nice job Tampa, I hope the Yankees are paying attention.

Two, as bad as things look right now, remember the Yankees went on a similar losing streak in May of 2009. They dropped five-straight at home and fell to 13-15 and we all know how that season ended. They are two-games out of first and have 124 games left to play.