Well, .500 for now. I write this in the midst of a 5-0 Orioles lead in the top of the 6th.

John Lackey was put on the DL today and will hopefully sort out his baseball and non-baseball issues. Lackey has been terrible but has alluded to off-field issues as well. Lackey’s wife is dealing with breast cancer and one can only imagine the distraction that has caused. Let’s hope for a successful fight in that regard and a successful return to the Red Sox rotation. This shelving is a good idea from not only a human interest standpoint but also a baseball standpoint as Lackey’s layoff allows him to do whatever it is he needs to do and it allows the Red Sox to offer up an alternative during his absence.

I assume Tim Wakefield will take his spot. Scott Atchison was called up to take Lackey’s spot but could find himself waived (again) if Wakefield is not up to starting. Michael Bowden or even veteran Brandon Duckworth could get the nod. Bowden has been very good at AAA and now is probably a Shawshank Redemption time to get pitching or time to get retiring moment, at least in his mind. I’d go with Bowden and let him try to A.) showcase his talents for this year and beyond and B.) prove that he is better than Lackey and/or Daisuke Matsuzaka. Of course should he, or anyone, prove item B, the Red Sox would have to accept failure in the signings of Matsuzaka and Lackey.

Roster movements aside, it was nice to see the Red Sox sweep the Yankees in the Bronx this weekend. Some fireworks on the Jorge Posada episode (view comments on Peter’s posts) and I think the Red Sox walked into New York at the perfect time, what with the Yankees struggles and all. The offense is definitely showing signs of life for Boston. Adrian Gonzalez has been super hot and Carl Crawford is slowly climbing out of the hope he dug in April. I’m not sure I’m ready to declare this team “fixed” but they have shown more life of late.

All of their early season struggles have largely been tempered by a slow start by the AL East in general. The Tampa Rays are 3 games up and the Yankees are 1 game up on the Red Sox.. No way I would have guessed that’d be the case at this point. The Red Sox are very lucky one of the AL East teams, read the Yankees, didn’t get out to a boffo start and open up a 10 game lead by this point. Time to capitalize and graciously accept the gift they’ve been given.