Game Tonight

Hey, there is actually a baseball game tonight between the Yankees and Red Sox. And, the Yankees really could use a win. But, I should probably focus on the story of the year so far, Jorge Posada.

Give Posada credit for doing today what he should have done last night. He apologized to Girardi and admitted his mistake. Unfortunately, Brian Cashman kept this issue alive with his stupid quote about disciplining Posada for last night, “We’ve got everything going on today and then I’ll obviously talk to the people above me. So I can’t answer that question right now, but when I talk to Hal Steinbrenner I’ll get some direction from him on everything after I fill him in on everything.”

Cashman did a terrible job throughout this process. He could have prevented this from escalating by avoiding the press last night and he should simply have said tonight that the issue was resolved. Really poor job by the GM and I wonder why he acted this way.

I am also mystified by the Yankees’ keeping Sanit on the roster. Maybe he could pitch today, but with Posada out of the lineup the bench is extremely thin. If anyone in the starting lineup gets hurt, Nunez is the only guy who can realistically fill in unless the Yankees are willing to give up the DH. Why do they keep putting themselves into this spot? With Price on the mound for Tampa tomorrow, it seems likely Posada will sit again. Might be nice to drop the 8th pitcher and get a bat on the roster.