A Terrible Job All Around

I disagree with the sentiment that off the field distractions will doom the Yankees in 2011. Anyone who lived through the 1978 season knows better than that. But, last night’s drama didn’t need to happen.

Girardi made a huge mistake in the way he handled Posada last night. He never should have dropped him to 9th for this particular game and I got the sense in his press conference that he realized the enormity of his screw up as he tried to tone things down. If Girardi had done this Thursday against KC or Monday against Tampa, it would not have been a story. But picking a National TV game against Boston, the day after Posada got a hit was just plain stupid. And worst of all, this will definitely impact the way the Yankees handle Jeter. Expect him at the top of the lineup for the entire season.

Cashman didn’t help things by eliminating the most attractive lie the Yankees and Jorge had as an explanation. When he went on FOX and proclaimed that Jorge was healthy before the game, he increased the story tenfold. Cashman has exhibited a tendency to spout off at the mouth this year. I am not sure if it is because of his expiring contract or internal factors, but if he comes back it needs to stop.

Posada blew it twice last night. Asking out of a game is inexcusable and Jorge should have known better. But, I almost think his claim of a back injury after the game was worse. Lying is always the easier road, but it also dishonors you. I wish Jorge had stood at his locker, admitted to being pissed off about hitting 9th and admitted to making a huge mistake. Making up a phantom injury doesn’t do anything for him outside or inside the clubhouse.

I suspect that phantom injury will carry over to tonight. The Yankees will announce this afternoon that Jorge is too banged up to play. Then, they will put him in the 9th spot tomorrow when the Yankees play a “regular” game. The problem is, you can’t put the cork back into this bottle.