How Not To Handle A Legend

Does Jorge Posada deserve to hit 9th? Yes, in fact, he probably deserves to not even hit at all. .165/.272/.349 is worthy of a benching.

But, Joe Girardi totally screwed this up by initially trying to bat him 9th tonight. When I saw the lineup tonight I tweeted “Why not bench him instead of embarrassing him? Is Joe Torre managing tonight?” (BTW- you can follow my tweets @nysportsfanatic if you like Twitter) That’s what this move was, a move to embarrass a proud player. You don’t make this move against the Red Sox on national TV. If you want to bench him tonight, say he tweaked something running out a ball or something like that. Better yet, wait until Monday to do it. Batting him 9th makes no sense at all. At least Torre hit A-Rod 8th in a do-or-die playoff game. Girardi didn’t have to do this tonight.

We will have to see what Jorge says after the game. I am not excusing Posada for not playing, but I simply can’t believe Girardi was this stupid in his handling of the situation. Jorge should be fined and should apologize for that part of this incident. I’m really just kind of stunned by all of this right now. Girardi made the dumbest move of his tenure tonight. Stay tuned for the fallout.