Every year we hit a stretch where the Yankees decide they absolutely have to have 13 pitchers on their roster. Today is that day as they have called up Amaury Sanit from AAA and sent Ramiro Pena down.

I have nothing against Sanit. In fact, I am curious to see his stuff since he has struck out 24 in 16 innings. But, carrying 13 pitchers absolutely cripples your bench. It’s bad enough that Eduardo Nunez is now the only guy on the roster who could cover three infield positions, but the Yankees are making it worse with tonight’s lineup. For some reason, they have decided to DH Derek Jeter. So, if something happens to one of the infielders, they will have to move Jeter into the field and lose the DH.

How a team that had to remove its second baseman from the game last night and run him through neurological tests can make these moves is beyond me. Why didn’t they just option or release Carlyle and protect their bench depth? I have no clue, but I hope someone asks Brian Cashman that question.