This Wasn’t A Mistake

A drumbeat that has sounded louder and louder the past few weeks is that the Yankees made a mistake declining their option on Lance Berkman. They could have kept him in pinstripes for $15 million and since he is tearing the cover off the ball so far in St. Louis why didn’t they?

But, the Yankees never could have exercised that option. Not after Berkman came to New York and hit .255/.358/.349 while getting hurt and looking TERRIBLE in the field. Not with Jorge Posada already headed to the DH spot and due $13 million himself. It’s easy to criticize the move now, but think back to the end of the season and find me anyone, anyone, who would have predicted this kind of season so far from Berkman.

As for Posada, his season seems to be going in reverse. He hasn’t hit a homerun since April 23rd and his numbers are down to .152/.257/.354, positively anemic. Getting him going has to be a priority for the Yankees and I can’t help thinking that putting him in the field for a game or two just might do it. Consider these numbers. For his career, Posada has put up an OPS .868 behind the plate and .938 (admittedly in only 68 PA’s) at first, while only putting up a .674 OPS in 474 PA’s as a DH. That’s almost a full season at DH and the numbers are not encouraging.

So, maybe the Chavez injury can be a blessing in disguise. The Yankees could use Posada at first and give Teixeira a rest and maybe even let Jorge catch a game now and then. Posada put up an .811 OPS last year, it’s hard to believe he is as bad as his 2011 stats would lead you to believe.