How Did That Happen?

I’ve watched a lot of baseball, but I can’t recall ever seeing a player break a bone in his foot running the bases without colliding into anyone or anything. That’s what Eric Chavez did in the fourth inning today, breaking his 5th metatarsal somewhere between second and third. From what I can gather on the internet, he is probably out at least six weeks and possibly much longer. I feel really badly for him. Breaking a bone in your lower body stinks.

The question becomes, what do the Yankees do about replacing him? There are three real candidates Pena, Russo and Vazquez, but each one of them is flawed in some fashion. Ramiro Pena has taken his inability to hit with him to Scranton where he is putting up a line of .233/.313/.384. As bad as that is, it looks great compared to Kevin Russo’s .227/.299/.299. So, neither one of them would do much offensively. If the Yankees want offense, Jorge Vazquez is the way to go. Vazquez is mashing the ball, hitting .302/.321/.585 at Scranton. The problem is, Vazquez is really only a first baseman and the Yankees would need to open up a 40-man spot for him.

Add in Eduardo Nunez’s defensive troubles and my sense is that Pena gets the call. Girardi loves his defense and with Nunez bringing back memories of Bobby Meacham at short, it makes a lot of sense. Anyway you slice it, the Yankees just lost a very valuable player that they don’t have an obvious replacement for.

Pena was pulled from the Scranton game before getting an AB tonight. That’s a pretty strong sign that he will be on a plane to Texas.