The Horror

Boston fans have just about reached their breaking point when it comes to Daisuke Matsuzaka. It is bad enough he is one of the least enjoyable pitchers to watch ever but to also produce awful results is just too much.

For those who don’t get a chance to watch Matsuzaka regularly, it generally goes something like this:

Ball 1
Ball 2
By this point, he has already lost me.

Each at bat turns into an epic and there’s always that feeling that he and the catcher are never on the same page. It is maddening to watch.

The Boston Globe’s Peter Abraham has declared now the time to trade Matsuzaka. Weei and ESPNBoston all have polls up asking what to do with Matsuzaka with the most popular answer being “trade him.”

Things aren’t going well and something needs to be done. Will Matsuzaka be the sacrificial lamb? Couldn’t we also point to John Lackey who is being paid more and has 4 more years left with Boston (vs. Matsuzaka’s 2 years)? What about the pitching coach or manager. How about the GM for constructing this squad?

2011 has been a disaster thus far and whether it is fair or not to point the finger at any one player is irrelevant. Something will happen in the coming days and it will be a shot across the bow for those still here. “Figure it out or you’ll be next,” will be the message.

We are only 6% done with the season with 152 games left. But we were joking about this terrible start after 3 games, then 6 and now 10. At some point it has to stop and those who are paid the big bucks are going to be asked to fix things swiftly.

Expect some movement shortly and whatever that movement is, let’s hope it turns this smoldering wreck around.