Let’s Handicap Things Again

Ok, so we are 9-11 games into the season and with two-consecutive off days for the Yankees, I have had a chance to reconsider my AL East projections. Let’s start from the top, or what I thought would be the top….

1- Boston- Well, I did say that I had doubts about their rotation. My foresight was 20/20!

2- New York- I did predict a “mediocre first half”. Who can disagree?

3- Baltimore- Well I loved Buck Showalter and thought they would be above .500. Mission accomplished!

4- Tampa Bay- I said they would be “dangerous” this year and Kyle Farnsworth is their closer!

5- Toronto- I “bet” that they would finish third in every division in baseball other than the AL East and apart from the AL Central, they would right now!

So, my predictions are obviously spot on.

Ok, through 9-11 games you have to wonder if the world has turned upside down. Baltimore is clearly the best team in the division and they have more wins than Boston and Tampa combined. The Yankees are one-game over .500, but they have also been the only team to lose to Boston.

But, there are still a lot of games left to be played. If the Yankees continue their current record they will finish 90-72. The Red Sox playing up to their abilities still finish with 93 wins. (.600 baseball) Baltimore playing down to theirs, finishes with 83 wins (.500 ball) I forget who told me this, but the best baseball advice I have ever received, is to not pay attention to records or standings until Memorial Day at the earliest.