Can The Yankees Clinch This Weekend?

I kid, I kid, but judging from some of the talk in Boston, they seem to think so. Yes, Boston has had a miserable start, but with 156 games, they can certainly recover. If they play .600 baseball the rest of the way, they would win 94 games (I rounded). Even if the Yankees swept them this weekend, .600 baseball the rest of the way would bring Boston 92 wins. For a team that many people thought could win 100 games (a .617 clip) .600 baseball is very doable. So spare me facts like “no team that started 0-5 ever won the World Series”. It’s way to early to count out any team, let alone a talented one like Boston.

So, I am hoping to see two things this weekend. I want to see Phil Hughes and Ivan Nova pitch effectively. I want to see Phil Hughes’ velocity get above 90-mph and Ivan Nova show that he can pitch effectively in a hostile environment. Win or lose, those two developments would presage a successful Yankee season.

Back with more after the game.