This is Sad

The Red Sox stand at 0-6. I know, there are 156 games left. That’s fine, but this is a Red Sox edition that A.) you wouldn’t expect to start the year 0-6 and B.) you wouldn’t expect to lose 6 games in a row at any point in the season. I guess the Boston Herald is sorry they declared the 2011 Red Sox as the best Red Sox team ever.

Who knows, maybe they’ll wind up as the best Red Sox team ever, but right now, they have the record of the worst Red Sox team ever.

What worries me is the fact they are sleep-walking through each inning, each pitch, each at bat. Additionally, Kevin Youkilis didn’t hit in spring training and hasn’t hit thus far in 2011 which makes me worry about the health of his surgically repaired thumb/hand.

Here are some averages after 6 games:

.167 – Ellsbury
.174 – Crawford
.227 – Pedroia
.304 – Gonzalez
.105 – Youkilis
.231 – Drew
.071 – Saltalamacchia
.176 – Scutaro


Here are some ERAs:

22.09 – Lackey
16.88 – Bard
16.20 – Reyes
11.57 – Wheeler
9.00 – Papelbon (granted only 1 IP)
5.68 – Buchholz
5.40 – Matsuzaka
5.40 – Beckett
3.68 – Lester
0.00 – Jenks

It seems a spark is necessary and what sparks a team? How ’bout a good old fashion dust-up? A brawl. Or something, anything to get them charged up. Something tells me the greeting they get a Fenway tomorrow for the Home Opener, might just be the spark they need. Aren’t you aware that JD Drew, John Lackey and many others are going to hear boos tomorrow?

I’m not saying that is a classy thing to do by Red Sox fans, but if the Red Sox can use that to their advantage and as a rallying point, then boo away.

Hey, it’s not all bad. The last Red Sox team, according to Yahoo! Sports, to start 0-6 was the 1945 Red Sox, and they went to the World Series. Oh wait, no they didn’t, they finished 71-83! Get it together Red Sox, I’m not having fun yet.