That Wasn’t Good

I’m not sure what we witnessed this past weekend, real baseball or Red Sox pitchers throwing batting practice.

Consider that the Red Sox gave up 11 home runs in 3 games. Jon Lester allowed 3 Opening Day despite never before allowing 3 home runs in a game. Clay Buchholz allowed 9 home runs in all of 2010, yet he gave up 4 on Sunday. And John Lackey? Well, he was just terrible and it will take him to about July to get his ERA to a respectable level. At least he leads the Red Sox in strikeouts…with 3 (tied with Papelbon and Buchholz).

New pitching coach, Curt Young, is going to feel some pressure in short order if the rotation guys don’t figure things out quickly.

It’s interesting, while one is watching baseball played this poorly, one can’t help but get consumed with the thought of a failed season, but alas, it is but 3 games. Oh, and the Red Sox play Cleveland this week.

Silver lining notes:

David Ortiz is off to his best start in a while and for now, anyway, he won’t have to hear the early season whispers that he is done.

Adrian Gonzalez looked good. I’m interested in seeing some of that power, but for now, a high OBP and production works.