A Great Day At The Park

Yes, the weather was dreadful, but the baseball was good enough to overcome that. As a Yankees’ fan, you had to enjoy what you saw on Opening Day.

Start with Mark Teixeira bombing that home run. Now, as one of my friends at the game said, it’s not April yet, but you have to be happy to see him start strong.

And Curtis Granderson should probably have oblique problems more often. Three great catches and the home run off a lefty make a nice start to his season.

The thing I liked the most was the bullpen. That’s why I wanted Soriano and that formula of Joba-Soriano-Rivera will probably become a very popular mix as the season goes along. If the three of them can perform up to their abilities, the Yankees will be very hard to beat after the sixth inning.

One odd play was Russell Nathan Jeanson Coltraine Martin Jr’s (I kid you not) steal of third. There was one out, but there was also a lefty at the plate. I’m assuming either he has a green light or he thought he saw a hit and run sign that Jeter and Teixeira obviously didn’t. And why would the Yankees give a green light to a guy who lost the end of last year to a hip problem and the start of camp to a surgically repaired knee?