Five Months

Sometimes life seems to fly by. But sometimes, things can slow to a crawl. It’s hard for me to believe that it was only a little over five months ago that I was sitting at Yankee Stadium hoping to see the Yankees extend the ALCS. They did, but that was the last home game of the year.

Now, I am headed up to The Stadium again hoping to see the first win of the year. One of the indelible truths of life is that each baseball season finds us a little bit more mortal than the last. When I started watching this game, there were players born in the 1930’s playing and guys born in the 1960’s just starting to populate the minors. Now, I look at the Yankees roster and other than Mo, the 1960’s are a thing of the past.

But that’s the beauty of baseball and of Opening Day. It is a time for renewal. It is a time when everyone feels younger than they are and every team is a pennant contender. It is a time to look ahead to the future and not be burdened by the past. It is a time for hope and a time to shake off the doldrums of the winter. 162 games await- Play Ball!