We Almost Have A Roster

LoHud is reporting the Yankees have optioned Montero and Pena to AAA and Romine to AA while signing Eric Chavez. That means the Yankee bench will be Jones, Nunez, Chavez and Molina. It’s disappointing that Montero didn’t do well enough to earn a spot, but he is only 20. The only remaining question is will Curtis Granderson be healthy enough to start the season?

It also sounds like Steve Garrison will open the season with the club because Pedro Feliciano is going on the DL. It seems like Garrison is more of a default choice because he is on the 40-man roster and the Yankees need to do some tinkering with that to get Colon, Chavez, Molina and Garcia on it. They have two open spots and they are trading Romulo Sanchez somewhere which opens a third. I would assume the fourth spot will be created by putting Damaso Marte on the 60-day DL. Personally, I would have released Reggie Corona and given Mark Prior the bullpen spot. He isn’t a lefty, but he certainly knows how to pitch in the bigs and 11 K’s in seven innings this spring is a good sign. For now, it sounds like he will stay in extended spring training.