Check out this blurb from Jason Stark’s latest piece

Scouts watching the Yankees predict they’ll add a veteran backup catcher in the next week, now that Jesus Montero’s lackluster spring has torpedoed the idea that he could be that guy until Francisco Cervelli gets healthy. Those scouts have been reporting that Montero’s defense has regressed all spring, almost from the moment that Cervelli got hurt. One called Montero “an entitlement guy, who takes a lot of things for granted.” Two others say they felt Montero eased up on the accelerator pedal the moment he thought he had made the team. It’s clear this guy has great tools, but one scout said, firmly: “He doesn’t have a catcher’s makeup for me.”

There’s not a lot of good in that and it definitely lines up with the reports coming from camp that Montero has regressed defensively. However, I don’t think the Yankees would go the veteran route unless it meant picking someone up on waivers. Francisco Cervelli probably will be back sometime in April and they have Gustavo Molina if they really want a veteran back there.

More importantly, what are the Yankees going to do about Montero? In the short term, sending him back to the minors should light a fire under him, but if this is a sign of things to come, the Yankees have a bigger problem than filling Cervelli’s shoes for the next few weeks.